5 Q-Tips on Meditation in Life + Work

If there’s one thing you should know for sure about me by now it’s that: positive energy is the vibe that I live by in work and in life. Positive energy is the foundation, it’s the path, and it’s my grounding philosophy. Life + work + positive energy is Q-Roc. The philosophies I practice to enhance my life and the strategies I use in my work are so dependent on one another. So much so that, you’ll often hear me use the terms practices and strategies interchangeably as each one aligns with the other.

The strategies I use are rooted in intention and draw health and wellness practices. They are designed to boost productivity, improve focus, and promote success.

My methods include meditation, focused breathing, and physical wellness just to name a few. These practices are the foundation to living in positive energy and using that energy to manifest your best life. While each of these serve their own purpose and is an important piece of the puzzle, I will start with the one I use to start every day.

Using Meditation in Life + Work
I approach each and every day with meditation. To differentiate between meditating for personal life and work would be impossible because I need positive energy for both of them. Mediation is a technique that requires me to be still, helps me find stability, and empowers me to practice self-awareness. I use it as a tool to attract positive energy, to exercise creative visualization, and to calm my mind.

Try making it a point to start your days and projects with meditation. If it’s work, visualize how you want to feel during and at the completion of a project. If it’s life, take some time to get centered and find your balance. Use meditation to focus and align yourself with those things you want to draw into your life and so they shall be. Ready to begin? Here are my Q-Tips to get you started:

5 Tips for Meditating

There is no right or wrong way to meditate.

Let me let you in on a little secret. If I meditate in silence, I’ll fall asleep. If I meditate lying down, I’ll fall asleep. Those methods simply do not work for me. Understand that mediation is not always “clear your mind, empty your thoughts”. It can also be pulling yourself into the present moment and becoming aware of all that is in and around you. If you’re having trouble staying focused in silence try listening to meditation music (I’ve got a playlist right here for ya!) or calming sounds. Let your mind draw not only towards the melodies but the sounds around you like the noise of a vehicles passing, the soft breeze of the ceiling fan, or birds chirping nearby. By focusing on all these sounds at once you are actually clearing your mind without having to think about it.

Chant mantras.

The practice of meditation in your work and life can have a significant effect on your productivity and success. A tool I like to use to really focus during meditation is chanting mantras. These are words or phrases that you can repeat in your head during meditation to silence the noise of your mind and allow you to reach a deeper state of awareness. If music isn’t keeping your mind focused, introduce mantras (or do both like me). I personally enjoy saying “I am peace. I am love. I am positive energy.” to bring me back in the moment and find my focus.

Strength based language is key.

Remember, when it comes to meditation, you want to meditate on the things you want to bring into your life. This is where strength based language comes into play. Be conscious of the words you are using and the thoughts you’re focusing on. Know the difference between “ I am going to be great in my presentation!” instead of “I can’t mess up my presentation.” See the difference. Language is key because you whatever you focus on is what you will manifest. Meditate on your desired outcome.

Get Cozy.

Meditation should be comfortable. I am not flexible enough to sit cross legged with my hand on my knees and not strain to prevent toppling over. (In yoga I sit on a block to avoid this) You are meditating to enhance YOUR positive energy so forget about what you look like and just get comfortable. One of my favorite places to meditate is on my parent’s patio (their backyard gets great sun in the morning) slouched down in a cushioned chair with my feet propped up. I also like to mix it up so sometimes I go for walk in the park and just listen to music or inspiring audio clips. Try out a few options and see what works for you.

Use a Guide.

Guided meditations are a great way to get into a groove with the help of pre-recorded audio. I use guided meditations quite often to help me remain focused and to get me into a regular rhythm of meditation. I love them because I know exactly how much time to set aside, which is a great help for the mornings when I am on a schedule. I also use them during commutes when I am in traffic and for walks in the park because they allow me to zone out and refocus my thoughts.

Remember, with meditation the goal is to feel better than you did before you started. There are no rules, guidelines, or checklists to mind when it comes to YOUR meditation practice. Meditate as long and often as you need to. When you’re done, gently come out of your mediation state and easy back into your day. Be sure to embrace the small improvements and trust the groove will come with practice.

I have created a morning meditation that you can use to help start jump start your day with positive energy. You can download it below. I hope you enjoy it.


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