Marketing is like ice cream.

We know this sounds strange so just stick around for a sec, the explanation is actually quite delicious.

Our tasty marketing philosophy

Our founder has an insatiable passion for frozen desserts and using marketing super powers for good. Therefore, it only makes sense that we use these metaphors to explain why you need the sweet-toothed nerds of Orange Moon Media on your side.

There are many flavors.

You must have a pretty sweet strategy to determine which ones your audience will enjoy.

Overload creates brain freeze.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and move too fast, you won’t enjoy the results.

Novices need a napkin.

If you don’t jump in and take action, in time you’ll have a big mess on your hands.

Affogatos are amazing.

Achieving bliss is possible when you add espresso. Trust us on this one!

How we deliver our solutions…


This program walks founders through building or retooling a business or an organization. From developing clarity of purpose and fostering an internal culture to defining strategy and identifying effective messaging, this program is an intensive deep dive into business development. Participants will learn and then immediately apply the concepts and strategies that are taught. This program is for serious, committed and self-motivated founders who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and into the next level of their business.


OMM consults with these organizations to determine the most effective strategy for reaching their goals at their current capacity. Sometimes this entails leading strategy sessions to identify the SMARTest goals for an organization. After a strategic plan is in place, OMM then guides the organization through the implementation of the plan. Organizations are taught and then guided through implementing the strategies and skills they need in order to be successful even after their engagement with OMM comes to an end.

and Trainings

OMM advocates a four phased approach that ensures any venture, be it a new organization, campaign or event, is intentionally planned, executed, and analyzed for continued success. Interactive workshops explore, in depth, individual marketing strategies used in this four phased approach. After concepts are explained, we then work to apply them directly to the organizations of the workshop participants. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how they can put their new knowledge to work immediately in their organization.


Organizations who are ready to embark on the next level of success can benefit from an on-going strategic partnership with OMM. In this tailored solution, they will be supported from conception to completion of marketing and business strategies as well as coached through on-going metric evaluation and continuous improvement. Because this engagement is highly customized, clients often think of OMM as their very own Marketing Department. The relationship never ends as OMM is a trusted partner in each new level of success that is achieved.

Check out the tools we use to implement our solutions.

I love to live outside the box, which is why being an innovative creative person just comes naturally to me.Q. Ragsdale, Founder & Visionary

Meet the Founder

Q has been performing, filming, strategizing, designing, and creating art for many years. While pursuing a degree in video/film production from Southern Methodist University, Q fell in love with both the artistic and business sides of the industry. Not content to pick one medium, Q has a broad range of talents that have led to involvement in projects ranging from directing plays and starring in multimedia productions to planning national conferences and managing large-scale marketing campaigns. From organizing in the community, holding non-profit leadership positions, and working in the entertainment business, Q possesses a strong background in business development and marketing in both for-profit and non-profit sectors.