How to Use this Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Although the time in each day has not changed, the amount of things we need to cram into that time has and we want your time reading our blog to be well spent. So, here is a quick breakdown of how to get the most out of Orange Notes.

Step 1: "Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis?"

whatch-talkin-bout-willis.gifAfter you read a post we know you will have really good questions about how to apply these positive energy strategies to your life and work, whether you are teacher, or work for a non-profit, own a small business or sell cars for a living. So ask and ask often! Don't hold back even if you feel it is a stupid question. We won't judge! Willis never did.

Step 2: Use the Fitting Room

fitting-rooms.jpgThere is no one size fits all and honestly those "fake sizes" are annoying for people who can never fit them. Step into the fitting room and slip on these strategies to see what works for you and what doesn't. You won't know unless you actually try them out and learn how best to use them for your specific your life or the work you do. When in doubt..go to Step 1.

Step 3: Sharing is Caring

original-care-bears-characters.jpgYes, it would be great if you shared our blog posts (the ones you really like) on social media, it would be greatly appreciated. We also want you to share feedback with US. What strategies really worked for you? Which ones were a total bust (no hard feelings)? We won't know unless you share. So, watch one of the animated classics and get into the caring is sharing spirit, already! We feel the positive energy buzzing around already!


Now it’s time to say goodbye friends (hum a little Boyz II Men) and if you miss us, just subscribe to our Orange Notes emails. We promise not to be like an annoying yet flattering (because they just looked up to you) younger sibling who just wouldn't stay out of your room. We will only visit from time to time and if we ever visit on the weekend we promise to bring ice cream!


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