It’s all about positive energy…

I used to attempt to keep my professional marketing and business development self separate from my optimistic motivational self. The thinking was “My clients don’t care about my motivational tips and the people who like my #QtipsROC videos aren’t my clients.” I eventually realized that you really can’t separate life, work, and positive energy. They all seep into each other kind of like when you go to get froyo and put multiple flavors in your cup. You are going to get a bit of salted caramel on your spoon even when you were going for the honey graham.

So as an enthusiast of self-love, self-care and all things involving creating and spreading positive energy, my goal is to use the amazing gift that I am very grateful to possess: the ability to motivate myself and others. Whether it is implementing a new strategy at work or figuring out how to weave more time for self-care into your schedule, I aim to be your companion as you explore the many ways positive energy can impact your life. I am a “motivational sharer” because my goal is to share the tools, tips, hacks, strategies, pep-talks, and ideas I use to spread positive energy with as many people as possible. Plus anyone who has ever attended a presentation I have facilitated knows that I rarely just “speak” because I love to engage the audience in interactive activities

Hold on to your dreams and remain open to the adventures that will lead you there.Q-Roc

When I first began filming #QtipsROC (they used to be called just #Qtips until I searched for that hashtag on Instagram and saw way too many cotton swabs on a stick) they were supposed to be a way to compile little reminders to myself. Each video was really me talking to myself and then I realized I could also motivate my family and close friends so I began sharing them via text message and with my 12 Instagram followers. After a while I noticed that when I went through a lull and had not posted in a while, people began messaging me to start them up again. I later found out people were sharing them with their friends and family. Here are a sample of #QtipsROC. Please find them all on my instagram @iamqroc