The Power of Making a List


So listen, I know we’re all working towards a goal. Whether it’s something big like a new apartment or something more intimate like a fulfilling job opportunity. No matter who you are, or where you’re at in life, there’s something all of us are working toward. Including me.

Before I share the one tool that helps me gain clarity and manifest the goals I want to reach, I want to tell you a quick story. A friend of mine was once in a horrible job situation—you know the kind I’m talking about. This situation was draining his happiness and positive energy.

In this week’s #Qtips episode, I’m sharing the one thing I shared with my good friend: The power of making a list. You’ll learn:

  • the two things a list is able to do for your mindset
  • the one detail you have to keep in mind (spoiler alert: it’s real analog)
  • what to do after you’ve made your list
  • and how my buddy’s story changed after making his list

Watch the video!

Now, it’s time to make YOUR list. Write it and remember: you have to believe you deserve it. And when you’re done let me know how it worked for you! In the comments below, tell me if you’ve made a list before, how your list helped your mind shift and how it felt writing down the things you want to manifest.

If you know someone in a similar situation as my friend once was, please send this information on making a list their way!

Until next time, peace and positive energy!

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