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Okay, now re-read that text in the movie trailer guy’s voice…it sounds so much cooler that way.

You know what else is cool? The many tools we use to implement our marketing solutions.

When you’re tired of just winging it…

Brainstorming at its best, strategic planning depends on creativity and outside-the-box thinking. When establishing a working relationship with a new client, we believe it is important to get a solid understanding of the enterprise’s current strategy, short term and long term goals, and any other relevant information to create an informed strategy. Together with the essential players of the new client’s team, we hold a strategy session to collect all the data to create a strategy to move forward. After each session, we condense the data collected and create a recap to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Because it’s the heart of business…

Marketing flavored business development is quite delicious and vital to success. (Check out our marketing and ice cream philosophy!) We have a knack for knowing what questions to ask, what tasks to perform and how best to execute. Our team will work with yours to develop a marketing funnel that is integrated with your entire enterprise model. Whether you want us to be your guide and help you execute or create protocols to transition over to one of your staff members, we’ve got you covered. (Creating protocols over ice cream is one of our favorite things to do.)


Without it…your website will be very unhappy 🙁

Website optimization is necessary to ensure your enterprise’s valuable information and content can be found online by everyone who will find it useful. When we optimize, it includes an assessment of your current website followed by strategy recommendations to improve traffic flow and on page conversion goals. Some solutions may include design and development of website pages, landing pages and email templates to maximize visitor impact and conversions. Your website is the member of your team who works 24/7/365 (and if it isn’t then….uhhh….we need to have a serious talk about self-care.)

Custom brand
graphic design

You should be ready for the runway…

Graphic design is a little (okay a lot) like fashion, there will always be trends, classic looks that remain timeless, and the “time for a makeover” debacles. A consistent and aesthetically pleasing presence not only sets your enterprise apart from others, it also adds credibility to the value you provide. We pride ourselves in helping our clients find or update their brand style to increase the production value and continuity of their collateral. Our custom brand graphics include assets for websites, email marketing, annual reports, brochures, blog posts, social media, and business cards just to name a few. If there was such a thing as brand fashion week…we’d have you ready to tear it up!

social media

Being anti-social is no fun…

In business today, most experts will tell you the importance of establishing an online presence. We help clients leverage social media by determining a strategy for key campaigns and events, as well as executing specific social media projects. We support your ongoing social media needs by making recommendations on which types of posts are most relevant for a desired end goal. We can also teach you a few dance moves to help your social presence when you’re offline! 

Annual campaign planning

Keeping that New Year’s resolution…

With many enterprises, an annual campaign is the driver for funding and awareness for initiatives that impact the upcoming year. It’s something you invest considerable resources to be successful, such as a 4th quarter sales campaign, a festival, an advocacy event, or a large fundraiser. We help our clients determine the best communication and execution strategy that will attract more traffic to your website for your yearly event. 

Program marketing strategy

Make the most of all your efforts…

As important as annual campaigns are, there are smaller campaigns that occur throughout the year that are also important to your enterprise’s vision. This may be something like a product push, launch of a new nonprofit initiative, survey campaign to collect important data, or a community pop up shop. We understand how important these campaigns can be, which is why we are able to work with your team to successfully plan and execute a strategy to achieve your desired results.


Don’t be a preview…be the movie

Promoting your enterprise without content is like going to the movies and only staying for the previews, or watching commercials and not the tv show, or only reading all the ads in a magazine….you get the point. Effective content allows you to communicate and build trust with your audience and move them closer to taking action to connect with your brand. We assist our clients in creating content that will build upon existing relationships with their existing and future customers. 


Video sans talking heads…

So you really think people are going to read the amazing eight paragraphs written about your product, service or social cause and then continue to read five more paragraphs about the consumers and communities who have benefited from your organization? It made us fall asleep just thinking about it. We’ll condense all of that information into a short and visually appealing video without any of your staff sweating bullets about being a talking head.


The art of being perceived…

We aren’t talking just logos and graphics, this is how the public perceives your organization. (Serious stuff!) We push you to be intentional about your entire customer experience, from how to build a loyal following all the way down to providing the motivation and clarity your staff needs to be successful.

Self-care (our favorite tool)

Because burnout is real…

Very often the most important factor to a business or organization’s long-term sustainability is the personal well-being of the leaders and their team. Working towards realizing your dreams and achieving the goals set forth can result in burning the midnight oil passionately and relentlessly. Then at some point, that passion can give way to the symptoms of a lack of self-care: irritability, mental and physical fatigue, stress, poor work/life balance, etc. 


Orange Moon Media uses self-care as a business strategy. We contend that if leaders can adopt regimes that support their personal well-being, they will be positioned to foster a healthy and supportive culture within their organization and model positive behaviors for their team to follow. We have myriad of self-care tools and strategies that we weave into each of our  marketing and business development solutions.