Why I Love Positive Energy


If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve probably seen my years of #Qtips that I share on Instagram. These short form bits of content inspired by the things that are important to me have evolved over the years to something a bit deeper and more reflective. Consider it, #Qtips 2.0.

If you know me, you know that I answer the phone, start my texts, and even begin my emails with the word “Peace”. And even though y’all haven’t asked, I know you’re wondering…WHY?

Because inner peace is the goal and it’s also where my positive energy comes from.

And you KNOW how I feel about positive energy. Whether it’s ice cream, froyo, gelato, football, dancing or anything else, my love for it is real.

In this episode of #QTips, I’m opening up about my love of positive energy. You’ll find out:

  • The ways I use it to uplift
  • How positive energy encourages happiness
  • The truth about momentum
  • How your energy affects those around you

Watch the video!

See why I love positive energy? But here’s something you might not have known about me. The only thing I love more than having positive energy is being able to spread it. The more I have, the more I have to share. Through #Qtips my goal is to share as much positive energy as I can. I know that sharing tools and ways to cultivate positive energy is my purpose here on earth. So with that, I need your help.


If you’ve found any of this information on positive energy helpful, my only request is that you think of one person who might benefit from a little bit in their life, and share this with them.


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And before you go, share some of your positive energy with me! In the comments, tell me what about it you love and how you’re using it to manifest the things you desire in your life.


Until next time, peace and positive energy!

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